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  • Latisse Bimatoprost Applicator Brushes

Latisse Bimatoprost Solution Applicators - 100 Sterile Brush Packs

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Latisse Bimatoprost Applicator Brushes are the perfect solution to the problem of the waste when using the eyelashes. Such brushes make the eye lash serum last longer and allows you to make a precise line.

Latisse Bimatoprost Applicator Brushes are the great micro brushes applicator and are easier to use as compared to the brushes that come with the eye lash serum. It allows you to get right at the lash line with no mess or dripping.

Latisse Bimatoprost Applicator Brushes make no more fuzz left behind the cotton applicators or irritation from the plastic applicator. These are the perfect micro brushes and are perfect for detailing and also flexible to reach at the hard areas.

Latisse Bimatoprost Applicator brushes are great for makeup application, nail art, painting, jewelry washing, crafting projects, as well as gun washing. 

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Latisse Bimatoprost Applicator Brushes

  • Product Code: Bimatoprost Latisse Applicator Brushes (Pack Of 100)
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